Always with Me
Spirited Away

Spirited Away - Always with Me by 鷹城-Takajoe-
Spirited Away - Always with Me by 鷹城-Takajoe-

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[2022 Collection], where pieces uploaded on Takajoe’s YouTube channel this year are collected can be found here. →

If you purchase by the end of August 2022→$20 USD

If you purchase on or after 1 September 2022→$25 USD


If you purchase PDF Files, you can print and download the purchased products as many times as you want for one year from the date you purchase them with no additional fees. 

For 2022 Collection, in principle, more pieces will be added at any time throughout 2022 when new pieces are uploaded on Takajoe’s YouTube channel. (Except for Disney songs)

However please note that, due to copyright, there may be pieces that cannot be added or occasions where existing pieces in the collection may be deleted without notice. 

For the updated status of 2022 Collection, please check on [Twitter]  or in the note column of the product page on the sales site.

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