30 Guitar Song & Fingerstyle Tabs
Where You Guitar Journey Begin Vol.1

Where You Guitar Journey Begin Vol.1 - 30 Guitar Song & Fingerstyle Tabs by MatoMusic.Com
Where You Guitar Journey Begin Vol.1 - 30 Guitar Song & Fingerstyle Tabs by MatoMusic.Com

Mastering key of

1. G Major, C Major, D Major, E minor, A minor, B minor

  • 2. Full Music Notation Tabs in Pdf

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What is it for you

1. You able to read standard music notation and Tablature

2. You able to play basic open chord and are ready to learn barre chord

3. You understand of basic music theory – Major Scale Interval, Diatonic Harmony

4. You able to apply a major scale in melody and chord playing

5. You able to train your rhythm sense with proven exercises system – Metronome

6. You able play simple guitar strumming pattern

7. Improve your right hand techniques- Rest Stroke, Free

This series of video is the result of years of private and classroom teaching and many more years of listen to, playing and learning about Acoustic Guitar (folk style and classical guitar)

Approach in this series is to begin with very basic information, and then proceed logically, covering the harmony, melodic concept that are needed to see the complete picture of guitar music. And it’s designed to give you hand-on material to practice and play.

Please be patient, keep an open mind, quality practice and have fun!, Not only teaches basic chord, theory, finger picking pattern, and Demo video also provided 

In term of technical development, you have only just begun. Practically speaking, there is virtually no limit to what a player can accomplish technically. 

The only real limit is your imagination. Listen to what others artists, from all style of music, have done on the guitar.

The world of music is so vast that lifetime of listening and exploration is not enough to experience it all.

This is why music is such a wonderful pursuit. 

The more you learn, the more you will realize there is left to learn. 

We wish you a long and satisfying musical journey, and much happiness along the way.

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