I can't print out the sheet music/ I did print out the sheet music. But only half of it came out

We are sorry for the inconvenience. MyMusicSheet's sheet music viewer is optimized to be viewed using the Chrome browser. Please try switching to Chrome to print the sheet music instead of Explorer. If you face the same problem on Chrome, please click the “contact” page (with the link found below on our website). Please key in your account ID and the title of the sheet music you are trying to print.

I want to search by specific genre.

Genre search is currently unavailable. However, you can search by genre within each artists.

I can't open the sheet music file.

First you need to install a viewer software called Adobe Flash Player. You can open the file after you installed the software. You can download the software from their website. Since MMS is optimized for Chrome browser, try opening the file on Chrome browser once you installed the software.

I want to print out only certain pages.

Open the sheet music you want to print out, and you can select the pages you want to print out on Print Setting.

Can I change the size of the sheet music when printing?

Yes you can. You can increase or decrease the size of the sheet music on Print Setting by adjusting % size.

Do I have to print out the sheet music right after purchasing?

No. You can print out any time you want from My Account -> Purchased Sheets for a year.

The song from the video and the sheet music downloaded don't match perfectly. What should I do?

We are sorry for causing inconvenience. All scores from MMS were produced by artists. Therefore, only the artists have the authority on the scores.

What is Free Sheet Music?

Most scores on MMS are not free. However, we distribute some of the scores free online.