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Reason why you should become an artist in MyMusicSheet

MyMusicSheet is the one of the largest global music sheet platform which is a destination for millions of artists to share their creativity.

  • Competitive Revenue Sharing Structure

    Under a reasonable, artist- friendly royalty system, you will take 75% and this is the highest level of revenue sharing worldwide.

  • Copyright Protection Technology

    MyMusicSheet has the best technology optimized for sales of music sheet,including automatic preview technology of sheet music, automatic authorization of secret code to prevent redistribution etc.

  • Admin Page for Musician

    In admin page for musician, you can analyze the current status of monthly sales, view the real-time transaction, and manage the contents.


  • Q My song is copyrighted by someone else. Does MyMusicSheet have the necessary authority to sell this?

    MMS is under contract with a music association that manages copyrights of original music. Therefore, it is possible for us to sell arranged music on our website. Of course, if the writer of the original song demands removing the song, the rights of the original writer will come first. However, this almost never happens.

  • Q I am not familiar with the Asian market yet, but I would like to enter it. What is your strong point in the market?

    MyMusicSheet is contracted with several copyright associations in order to be protected from copyright issues. With this legitimate weapon, we have been jumping into a lot of different markets with a strong emphasis in Asian territories. There is now a lot of traffic coming in from Southeast Asian countries, which have one instrument per household on average. China, the biggest music instrumental market in the world, is the fundamental market to succeed and we have increasing website traffic from Chinese users by equipping with local payment gateways such as WechatPay and AliPay. We also have complete customization toward the Russian and Russian-speaking markets, inclusive of course of the Russian payment gateways. Most of all Korea, the sixth largest music market in the world and the heart of the K-pop and Asian Music scene, and Japan, the third largest music market in the world is our utmost focus and strength, with very strong ties with local musicians, publishers, and copyright associations (namely KOMCA and JASRAC). If you are interested in increasing your influence in Asian market, MyMusicSheet can lay the foundation for you, starting with but not limited to the sheet music business.

  • Q Is there a way for me to check the sales of sheet music in real-time?

    Yes, you can check this by clicking on Settings>Statistics>Order Items.

  • Q I am already selling my digital products on my website. Do you think MMS still has something to offer?

    Cost-effectively, selling your own sheet on the personal platform might be financially advantageous in terms of revenue sharing structure, but there are certainly drawbacks such as time consumed in managing the website(the same time that you can spend focusing on creating more music) and difficulties as well as required resource handling copyright issues. Plus, it is disadvantageous in terms of traffic because only those who enter your personal website via YouTube link purchases. We are certain that we will be able to help an artist like you to sell the sheet music more comfortably and safely than now. Check out some of our features as follows: 1. We provide language support that is more comprehensive (multi-lingual support) 2. We can minimize conflicts that stem from copyright issues. (MMS has relationship with music associations, labels, entertainment angencies, and law firms.) 3. The payment system is more universal (covering various nations). 4. Due to 1) and 3), artists will find it easier to promote their music and sell their digital products, too! 5. Thus, rather than selling 100 pieces of sheet music on your own, it would be more profitable to sell 200 pieces of sheet music minus the fee. 6. Profits aside, MMS will certainly give artists more opportunities to attract new fans globally.

  • Q Can you explain the profit distribution model of MyMusicSheet?

    The profit is divided between artist and MMS at a ratio of 75:25 AFTER the deduction of taxes and dues related to the payment handling fee and copyright loyalty.


Few things you need to know!

  • Contents

    You may only upload music sheets that you yourself composed or arranged in your distinctive and creative way. Uploading other artists’ music sheets is strictly prohibited.

  • Copyright issues

    MyMusicSheet deals with complicated copyright issues that might arise in such process through contractual agreements with copyright associations around the world. However, there are some exceptions – music sheets that may not be covered by such contractual agreements – and such music sheets can be removed from sale without notice

  • Revenue distribution

    The payment transfer is made on the last day of each month, but if the aggregate payment is less than 30 US dollars, the amount will be withheld from transfer, and will accumulate until the total amount reaches an amount same or bigger than 30 US dollars, when the total amount will be transferred altogether. For countries that do not use the US dollar as their main currency, the payment will be subject to currency rate at the time of transfer.

  • Verification

    Before uploading, you have to check if the song is under the control of each association. In case of original songs and public domain songs such as classical music, you can freely upload your sheet without any confirmation.

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