Akuma no Ko (웅장하고, 화려한 반주 ver.)

ヒグチアイ - 悪魔の子 (웅장하고, 화려한 반주 ver.) by Annan
ヒグチアイ - 悪魔の子 (웅장하고, 화려한 반주 ver.) by Annan

Title - Akuma no Ko

- Special music score arranged by Annan -   


* Re-harmonized the original one by using sophisticated harmony and jazz voicing!

* Departed from ordinary and repeated instrumental accompaniment pattern, using various and    original manners!

* Would pick up many ideas from uncommon and creative variations that the arrangement contains!   

* Specific chord tension included!

* Would naturally learn how to play jazz piano and get to know harmonics better!

* Would be interested to practice the song since the sound contained is beautiful and refined!

* Well-notated for sight reading without any inconvenience!

- For those who wanna make their own accompaniment method! 

- For those who have an interest in piano arrangement method!

- For those who wanna get familiar with jazz harmonics!

- For those who are practicing and polishing up their reharmonization skill! 

Looking for a harmonious and professional arranged score? Score by Annan is the best one for you!

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