La Campanella (라 캄파넬라) (Easy ver. Aminor)
F. Liszt (리스트)2022.10.05

F. Liszt (리스트) - La Campanella (라 캄파넬라) (Easy ver. Aminor) by Gloria L.
F. Liszt (리스트) - La Campanella (라 캄파넬라) (Easy ver. Aminor) by Gloria L.
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F. Liszt (리스트) - La Campanella (라 캄파넬라)

Hello, I'm Gloria L

This score is Paganini, Liszt - Lacampanella.

BLACKPINK came back with a song called shut down

I was going to cover a lot of K-pop songs and sing BLACKPINK songs

I chose Rites Lacampanella.

The original version of Liszt - LA CAMPANELA is so difficult that there are a lot of easy arrangements

Also, the difficulty level is too easy, and there seems to be no arrangement of medium difficulty, so I made it.

I only picked the extract and made it feel like I was playing the original song as much as possible. :)

The difficulty level of Cherni is about 30 because we changed from G# minor with 5 sharp to A minor without a report.

It may sound difficult if you listen to it, but it's not going to be too difficult because it's arranged in a repeating pattern with a chromatic scale :)

The score is in two versions. / Ver2 is a score that is omitted from 40 seconds to 1 minute and 25 seconds

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