Vacillation : 31 Preludes For Piano
Chen-Hsin SU2022.09.04

Chen-Hsin SU - Vacillation : 31 Preludes For Piano
Chen-Hsin SU - Vacillation : 31 Preludes For Piano
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Among the preludes composed for piano, the commonly performed pieces are by Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Debussy, Shostakovich, or Kapustin, in addition to Chopin. In contemporary concerts, prélude can be performed separately or as suites, which become extensive music piece that is composed of a series of individual pieces. This is my third volume of piano work after States of Mind and Wonders, with 24 pieces of concert etudes in total. It is named Vacillation because it collects my numerous changes of mind and thoughts within the past year. Most pieces are inspired by whims or epiphany, so they have improvisational quality and often are back and forth with uncertainty in musicality. Clinical psychiatric terms are incorporated into the title of each piece to associate the audience with human emotions and behaviors, and to provide more vivid images and colors for the audience to visualize the music. (Composed by Chen Hsin Su in Taoyuan in August 2018)

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